This week’s manga – the big three and more (warning, may contain spoilers)

*UPDATE* Kekkaishi 186 has now been added.

I have finally caught up with this week’s manga (sadly, I’ve been letting my manga reading lapse slightly) which, for this week, has been fairly good or at least satisfactory on the whole. I’ve made comments on the big three (Bleach, D. Grayman and Naruto) as well as this week’s Claymore, Double Arts and Doubt. If you haven’t read any of these chapters, go read them now before reading this ^^

Bleach 320 - Beauty is so Solitary

Bleach 320

Bleach 320:

Not too much ground breaking stuff here; more battle scenes and I expect we’ll be continuing along those lines for a good few chapters ahead. It was still enjoyable though. I always love to see Yumichka fighting. I think in this case his comments regarding his opponent’s ‘ugly’ appearance are altogether justified. I don’t quite know what Kubo Title is trying to do with the Arrancar and Espada but they seriously just look like drag queens gone wild! The last page of the chapter has left me scarred for life. Uggh…

D. Grayman 168

D. Grayman 168

D. Grayman 168:

Finally, D. Grayman is getting really good! Definitely onto a really good thing with this arc. What an amazing twist at the end – is Cross really dead, and if so who killed him? Was it a result of his ‘interrogation’? Or could it even be suicide? [And is it just me, but does that guy seriously look like Hitler?] There were actually lots of suggestions/foreshadowing in this chapter that promise more good plot developments in the future – such as the ‘hidden side to the war’ and General Cross’ last minute tinkering with Tim…anyway, I’m looking forward to this week’s installment with impatience ^^

Naruto 411

Naruto 411

Naruto 411:

Naruto is in a fairly stagnant period at the moment. Just another chapter about Sasuke fighting the 8 tails with his new team (who are very loserish, I must say) though I’m not sure if it’s worse than the alternative which is to see Naruto training with the frogs. Guess this is to be expected after having an extended period of interesting plot development. The only interesting thing left on the immediate horizon is the cryptic message left by the now deceased Jiraiya..

Claymore 82

Claymore 82

Claymore 82:

Yay! Another good Claymore chapter – one manga that you can always rely on to be consistently good. I am a big Riful fan, so it’s nice to see her getting some more spotlight. It will be interesting to see what happens with Luciela and Rafaela, and how this will factor into the plot and power struggle. They look like simease twins at the moment. It’s too early to make judgements on the new girl, Renee, but I’m not too sure about her cornbraids. They look rather like snakes to me..not as classy as the usual claymore ‘do. Even better is seeing Galatea, though from the looks of it she is going to be off stage for a while, if she continues to act as a nun taking care of little children (such a waste of her fine talent). It also seems Miata and co are going to be deserting the organization, or at least they are not going to carry out their mission of eliminating Galatea. I wonder what the future holds for them and whether they are potential allies..

Now that Clare is off to find Raki with Yuma, Cynthia and Tabitha we might see some more character development in the latter three, which would also be interesting…

Double Arts 19:

Now the reason why this series is called Double Arts is at long last revealed! It will be very interesting to see what old Farran comes up with – martial arts holding hands?! I hadn’t been keeping up with Double Arts over the past few weeks, and only finally caught up today but this series continues to be quite amusing, ‘cute’ and very original. I also wondering if Sui is going to receive any special training…

Doubt 13:

OMG! Could they draw this out any longer? Still, at least in the next chapter the sinister Mr. Rabbit will be at last revealed. I wonder how long this series is actually supposed to last, seeing as they killed of most of the cast indiscriminately and now very few people are left. There’s enough suspense to keep reading but with every chapter I keep wondering how they are going to be able to prolong the plot…

Kekkaishi 186

Kekkaishi 186:

Kekkaishi continues on a winning streak with the murky plot surrounding Yoshimori’s mother thickening. As usual, we see Sen brooding away and trying to pretend he and Yoshimori aren’t friends. [Why did Gen have to get such a wimpy replacement?] We learn that the [wonderful ^^] Masamori might have *shock/horror* sold out his family (or has he?) and why is he going to the sea? Furthermore, right afterwards Yoshimori is approached by one of Okuni’s henchmen…mmm, next chapter looks very promising!


1 Response to “This week’s manga – the big three and more (warning, may contain spoilers)”

  1. 1 No Sushi 5 August, 2008 at 6:23 pm

    Haha I must agree with your Bleach commentary there. Kubo Tite must have had some really bad brainstorming sessions to come up with such horrible designs.
    No comment on D-Gray Man and Naruto. You pretty much said what I intended to say for the former and I don’t really care about the latter.
    Actually, in Claymore, it’s just Cynthia and Yuma who are going with Clare. From Miria’s “at least two person traveling together” rule, she should logically stay with Tabitha. I don’t think they’re counting Galatea in their little group yet, as she has her own agenda.
    Must agree with you on Double Arts. I loved the dance scene, and I hope they make this manga into an anime in the future. Though it’s gonna be difficult to portray the awkward atmosphere in the manga just right so that it can satisfy the hard to please fans (like yours truly).
    Doubt, well, I knew they weren’t going to let us know who the killer is that easily, but I seriously suspect the little girl who died in the beginning (I forgot her name). To continue the plot line, they will probably use a different group of people with similar premises. That’s usually how this kind of thing goes on. Just look at Jiraishin 🙂
    On a completely unrelated note do you think we should start informing our friends of this blog yet?

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