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Double Arts end. Oh noesssss

When I wrote the title of the last post, I didn’t mean for it to include this blog in its description as well. “Spiralling downwards”, kinda reminds me of Yeats. Damn those poems. No sense of rhyme at all, I tell you.

Anyways… this is just a short post expressing my absolute HORROR at the fact that Double Arts has ended. Weekly Shounen Jump has canceled series that I found enjoyable, fresh and innovative not once, but twice as of this moment.

First Mx0, now Double Arts. Obviously there are many factors to include (such as the Japanese reader demographic), but the fact remains that the magazine gave those great series the shaft. I begin to wonder if WSJ is now focusing all its efforts on those people who simply cannot accept change anymore? I believe the magazine is running on the popularity of monster series like Bleach, One Piece and Naruto alone, and that is not a good thing. What will happen once those series end or become stale?

Mx0 and Double Arts were great series, in my opinion. I have a lot of praise for them, and if there are any dissenting opinions, I am well ready to defend my views. I will reserve my rant for another day, because I’m still settling into college life. When I feel the need to express myself in words and get things off my chest, I will resort to this blog. Until then, there is little left to say.


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