For those of you who like to poke around in every corner of a site (like me) to find more goodies (could be more downloads, wallpapers, cool articles or whatnot), here’s a little something for you. Like the title says, this page will provide some additional information on the site and it’s members.

Why start this blog?

This blog started from a conversation I had with a friend (gookiefish) over Skype on the 1st of August, 2008. A bit of tinkering with WordPress later and voila. The main reason this blog was created was to have a place for us to rant about topics that interest us and to keep our friends posted on new nifty stuff pertaining to Anime/Manga that we find. I like to consider it a kind of mass email without the annoying part (That of receiving such an email) and some free benefits (nice pictures, a pleasant design and a chance to tinker around with stuff :D).

What will you find in this blog?

Rants, commentaries, random essays, rants… mostly rants. We are treating this blog as an information dump. Anything that interests us, and I mean anything, will most likely find itself here sooner or later. I find writing down my thoughts a highly enjoyable activity, and a blog like this is the perfect place to safeguard it all for future perusals. It’s not a diary, so I have the freedom to post whatever I like, whenever I feel like it. Though gookiefish supposedly set up a weekly schedule for Anime and Manga commentaries, I don’t expect myself to always follow it on account of me being lazy. So don’t expect anything, either.

Who are the people running this whole thing?

Name: No Sushi

Country of origin: Vietnam

Current location: Vancouver, Canada

Profile: I’m just an average Vietnamese kid who happens to be into Anime, Manga, Video Games, and ranting about the aforementioned pastimes. My sentences may be random and spontaneous, but I always try to use proper grammar and vocabulary. It’s actually not difficult to do this, so I fail to understand why so many people on the internet feel the need to shorten words and sentence structures so much that they become incoherent. It’s okay to make a mistake once in a while but consistent repetition of the same mistakes irks me to no end. Some very good examples are the common mistake of putting “There” instead of “Their” and “Your” instead of “You’re”. Most of the time, it doesn’t impair my understanding of what is being read, but it gets annoying all too soon…

Updated 5th August 2008.


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