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Code Geass 18: Spiralling downwards?

No pictures this time. Nightspeed’s subs (or my laptop) won’t behave and the episode didn’t run smoothly, so I’m not motivated enough to look for screenshots. Let me just start be saying my feelings for this episode are conflicted, and I am both glad and resentful of the amount of time allotted to an anime episode in general. More details on this after the jump.

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Code Geass 17: The stage is set

Before I begin, let me just do a completely irrelevant take on HD anime and movies:

My friends call me a quality freak, since I only download high quality anime files (.avi and then .mkv files after the latter became more widespread) despite the huge size and the strain it would inevitably have on my school’s limited bandwidth. Mkv files look gorgeous on my laptop, and even better on the HD-TV at home. Heck, even Rumbel’s Soul Eater subs (.avi files) look beautiful on the big screen. My only gripe right now is the fact that my laptop is not strong enough to handle big .mkv files, and they stick quite often (VLC doesn’t display the subs, which crosses out my only alternative right now). Other than that, it’s awesome!

This post is about Code Geass R2 though, so I’ll get right back to the topic…

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