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Gookie’s Top 3 Anime Mind Trips – Dennou Coil, Ghost Hound and Lain

It takes a certain kind of person to be into the slow moving, obscure, psychological and ‘profound’ anime series. Many people would probably dismiss them as being ‘boring’ or ‘pretentious’ and would merely find them uninteresting, but I confess I am an absolute sucker for the genre. Thus far my favourite three series which fall within this category would be Dennou Coil, Ghost Hound and Serial Experiments LainGhost Hound and Dennou Coil probably being two of my all-time favourite anime series. Continue reading ‘Gookie’s Top 3 Anime Mind Trips – Dennou Coil, Ghost Hound and Lain’


Post No Sushi’s Rant

Hmm, well beginning a blog with Fan Fic ranting is probably to be expected of No Sushi though it is not exactly what I had in mind for our blog opening, lol. But a formal introduction is probably not necessary either, seeing as this is more or less a private blog for us and our friends.

Anyway, pretty much I envisioned this space to be somewhere we can post comments on the weekly episodes and chapters of on-going anime and manga, as well as to provide first impressions/reflections on new series we discover or re-discover.  I am currently not studying or working, so am in possession of large amounts of free time. As a result, I’ve been watching a LOT of anime as well as anime films, as well as keeping up with my usual manga series. I’ve had this urge to blather on about both, so you can expect a lot of reviews from me in the near future.

Hopefully I will get onto the commentary about the weekly series/chapters I’ve watched/read this week, but I still need to get the latest CG episode, so that post will have to wait until I seen it.

Well, that concludes the first ‘gookie’ rant – somewhat shorter than No Sushi’s post but a good precursor of what is to come. ^^

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